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​Chris Obike

Chris is a renowned Child Psychologist & Parent Coach. He has been certified by the UNESCO and is the founder of the "Parenting in The 21st Century" Academy.

​This report is centered on helping parents learn  the MUST DO  methods  they can use to help their child become more intelligent and improve their academic life.

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Here's What Other Experts Say About Chris

"Chris has been one of my most outstanding protégées. He has always been about helping so many young parents and he sure do knows his onions."

"Pay close attention to him, the results will speak for itself."

​Prof. Mrs Roseline Olubor
​Department of E.C.E, University of Benin

“​The first time I met Chris, I was amazed at both the amount of knowledge  he possesses and his good heart and willingness to help parents make their job easier and raise smart kids​"

"I will recommend him anytime and everyday"

​Mrs Wendy Onyenezi-Ologe
- Parent Coach & Author

“​Chris is one of the most selfless parent coaches I have met. The way he breaks down his teachings is so unreal. The information contained in his teachings are always direct and actionable. Pay close attention to them."

"I owe him a lot for how he helps out parents on our facebook group. He is a real  Child psychologist and he's rare

​Albert Adedayo-Olofinnika - Founder "Parents Raising Genius Children"

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